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KCRW is no longer involved with the national distribution of Le Show with Harry Shearer. WWNO has taken over all distribution responsibilities for the program. For information on how to continue to broadcast Le Show, please contact Jenni Lawson at

For an account, please contact the site administrator at:

The following is a list of all media currently available to your station:

File2/17/17 The union movement, past and future
air date: 2/17/17
File2/16/17 Rift grows between the White House and intel community
air date: 2/16/17
File Troff document2/15/17 - Welcome back, Wall Street
Air Date 2/15/17
File x-conference/x-cooltalk2/14/17 White House in turmoil after less than a month in office
air date: 2/14/17
File2/13/17 Trump, immigration orders and the fear of mass deportation
air date: 2/13/17
File chemical/x-pdb2/10/17 Sessions takes the helm at the Justice Department
air date: 2/10/17
File2/9/17 Insecurity on NATO's borders
air date: 2/9/17
File Octet Stream2/8/17 Resisting the Trump agenda
air date: 2/8/17
File2/7/17 Terrorists don't have to cross borders to carry out attacks
air date: 2/7/17
File2/6/17 - Trump's First Constitutional Confrontation
Air Date 2/6/17
File2/3/2017 US-Iranian relations turn icy once again
air date: 2/3/2017
File Pascal source code2/2/17 - Trump makes good on shaking things up
Aire Date 2/2/17
File application/x-troff-ms2/1/17 Ron Padgett: Collected Poems
air date: 2/1/17
File1/31/17 Is Trump raging a war on science?
air date: 1/31/17
File1/30/17 Extreme vetting unleashes global chaos
air date: 1/30/17
File audio/x-realaudio1/27/17 A 'special relationship' in the Brexit-Trump era
air date: 1/27/17
File1/26/17 Trump's executive order begins his immigration crackdown
air date: 1/26/17
File1/25/17 Trump on shaky grounds with the intel community
air date: 1/25/17
File01/24/17 Trump budget tries to square cuts and spending
air date: 01/24/17
File audio/x-realaudio1/23/17 The future of activism in the Trump era
air date: 1/23/17