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KCRW is no longer involved with the national distribution of Le Show with Harry Shearer. WWNO has taken over all distribution responsibilities for the program. For information on how to continue to broadcast Le Show, please contact Jenni Lawson at

For an account, please contact the site administrator at:

The following is a list of all media currently available to your station:

File12/30/16 Talking Points: About 2016
air date: 12/30/16
File12/29/16 How the gig economy is changing the way we view work
air date: 12/29/16
File D source code12/28/16 A defiant Israel and an American reprimand
air date: 12/28/16
File12/27/16 2016's climate of fear for America's Muslim community
air date: 12/27/16
File application/x-troff-me12/26/16 Creating a synthetic human genome
air date: 12/26/16
File12/23/16 - The 'American Dream:' Does it have a future?
Air Date 12/23/16 -
File12/22/16 The year in (fake) news
air date: 12/22/16
File12/21/16 US-China relations in the Trump Age
air date: 12/21/16
File ECMAScript program12/20/16 Berlin, Ankara and the international political consequences
air date: 12/20/16
File12/19/16 Will Trump violate the US Constitution on Inauguration Day?
air date: 12/19/16
File1/13/17 Is Donald Trump defying the Founding Fathers?
air date 1/13/17
File Troff document1/12/17 Trump foreign policy takes shape, or does it?
air date: 1/12/17
File1/11/17 Welcome to Donald Trump's Washington
air date: 1/11/17
File Octet Stream1/10/17 Race relations after Obama
air date: 1/10/17
File1/9/17 Trump's icy relationship with US intelligence
air date: 1/9/17
File1/6/17 Trump and American labor: A love story?
air date: 1/6/17
File1/5/17 Donald Trump’s war on US intelligence
air date: 1/5/17
File Octet Stream1/4/17 America's role in world… after Obama
air date: 1/4/17
File Octet Stream1/3/17 The state of the nation after Obama
air date: 1/3/17
File application/x-troff-me1/2/17 Money for nothin': The case for universal basic income
air date: 1/2/17